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Woman says partner told her to get a C-section to save their SEX LIFE

Pregnant woman claims unemployed 'feminist' partner demanded she get a C-section so their 'SEX LIFE isn't ruined' when she gives birth - leaving Reddit in uproar over his 'ignorance'

  • The unnamed US-based mom-to-be shared her story on Reddit, where it quickly went viral, racking up hundreds of responses from outraged users
  • Posting under the username elkatiuskas, she explained that her partner branded her 'selfish' and said she 'can't put her needs above his' when she refused
  • She kicked him out of their home and broke up with him after his comments
  • The pregnant woman claimed that she was the main breadwinner for their household - because her partner is trying to launch a micro-aquarium business
  • She said that she was actually helping to fund his business while working 10-hour shifts every day and doing all of the chores around the house

A pregnant woman has left the internet in uproar after revealing that her partner demanded she get a C-section so that their 'sex life isn't ruined' after she gives birth - despite 'portraying himself as a feminist'.

The unnamed US-based mother-to-be horrified Reddit users when she shared her story in a now-viral post, revealing her shock at hearing her partner's views on natural childbirth.

'[My partner] insisted that the last thing he wants is for our sex live to be "ruined" because I'll never be as tight as I'm now and he had the f*****g b***s to lecture me that "for this relationship to work, you have to make sacrifices,"' she wrote, according to Yahoo.

The woman added: 'I'm shocked because he's always portrayed himself to be a feminist, so a comment like that was very weird.'

According to the expectant mother, she quickly refused her partner's demands, only for him to then tell her she was 'being selfish', accusing her of failing to 'put his needs above' her own.

To add insult to injury, the woman claimed that she was already supporting her partner, because he was trying to launch his own business and 'refused to get a paying job' so that he could 'pursue his passion' full-time.

Her partner, who had previously been living with his parents, asked to move in with her because his mom and dad were 'smothering him', and had allowed her to continue funding his lifestyle while he attempted to work on his micro-aquarium company.

Woman says partner told her to get a C-section to save their SEX LIFE

'I'm the breadwinner and I'm supporting him while he makes his jarrarium business take off, because he refuses to get a paying job and wants to pursue his passion. I understand this and tried to be supportive,' she continued - before later explaining that jarrariums are micro-aquariums that house 'self-sustaining ecosystems'.

'A few months ago he asked to move in with me because his parents were 'smothering' him. While I work 10 hour shifts, he doesn't cook, clean, run errands, nothing. I pay for our bills, rent, food, gas for his car and his jarrarium supplies.'

Having spent months funding her partner's lifestyle and his business venture, the woman says that his demands about her birthing plan were the 'last straw' - and she promptly 'kicked him out', despite confessing that she still 'loves him'.

'I love him, he may be a parasite, as my sister says, but I truly thought I was helping someone pursue their passion,' she continued.

'I don't think he was taking advantage of me with malice, he was always a momma's boy and living with me was easy for him because, like at his mom's place, here he didn't have to do laundry, cook, pay bills, etc.

'But I'm done. I deserve better. I deserve a real partner who helps out and [whose] main concern isn't my vagina's "tightness", not a grown man-child to take care of. I'm still in love with him but I'll get over it. I just don't want him as my partner anymore.'

The woman has since deleted her post - but not before dozens of other Reddit users voiced their horror over her ex-partner's behavior.

Many pointed out his 'ignorance' about the birthing process, calling attention to the fact that vaginas do not remain permanently 'stretched' as a result of welcoming a child.

'That's not how vaginas and giving birth works,' one person commented. 'If he is that ignorant then he shouldn't be having sex. The gall to say that to the woman carry[ing] his child is beyond the pale. Keep him out of your home and never spend a dime on him again.'

Another was left outraged that the woman's now-ex-partner was demanding that she undergo 'major surgery' that could well result in serious complications purely because of his fear that sex might be 'marginally less good' in the future.

Meanwhile a third person urged the unnamed partner to 'marry a flesh light' if all he is concerned about in a relationship is sexual satisfaction, calling attention to the fact that partnerships require both parties to 'embrace the fact that both of you will change, emotionally, spiritually, and physically'.

One woman responded with a similar story of her own, revealing that her then-husband 'asked her male OB to "put an extra stitch" when he was sewing her back up after delivery' - a request that the doctor actually agreed to.

'The jerk actually did and after that intercourse was exceptionally painful for me until I had my second child,' the female commenter shared.

'Of course I ripped again when I had my second but thankfully my female OB sewed me up properly that time. So yeah, glad you decided you are better off without that guy.'