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Woman fumes after partner asks her to have a C-section to 'save their sex life'

A pregnant woman was left horrified when her boyfriend requested she undergo major surgery to deliver their baby because he thought a natural birth would "ruin" their sex lifeWoman fumes after partner asks her to have a C-section to 'save their sex life'

Relationships are all about making compromises and reaching agreements - but one man has pushed his luck too far by demanding his girlfriend undergo a C-section for the sake of their sex life.

A pregnant woman on Reddit explained she was "shocked" to hear her boyfriend's request, and slammed him for even suggesting she go through major surgery without it being necessary for her health.

The woman wrote: "At first I thought it was a 'joke' but when I saw he was serious, I was offended to my core.

"I'm shocked because he's always portrayed himself to be a feminist, so a comment like that was very weird. But he insisted that the last thing he wants is for our sex live to be 'ruined' because I'll never be [the same] as I'm now.

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"And he had the f***ing b***s to lecture me that 'for this relationship to work, you have to make sacrifices.'"

The mum-to-be then revealed her partner had branded her "selfish" for not considering his demands.

She also said she has been helping him through tough financial times as he tries to get his own jarrarium business started, and said he does nothing to help around the house while she works long hours.

Her Reddit post continued: "I told him it's not going to happen and he said I'm being selfish and this is proof I can't put his needs above mine.Woman fumes after partner asks her to have a C-section to 'save their sex life'

"I'm the breadwinner and I'm supporting him while he makes his business take off, because he refuses to get a paying job and wants to pursue his passion. I understand this and tried to be supportive.

"A few months ago he asked to move in with me because his parents were 'smothering' him. While I work 10 hour shifts, he doesn't cook, clean, run errands, nothing. I pay for our bills, rent, food, gas for his car and his jarrarium supplies.

"Excuse me but if this isn't being the very definition of a supportive girlfriend I don't know what is. So that comment was the last straw. That that's his main concern and hill to die on was appalling."

The woman has since kicked her boyfriend out of her home, and is "done" with their relationship.

She wrote: "So I kicked him out.

"I'm done. I deserve better. I'm still in love with him but I'll get over it. I just don't want him as my partner anymore."

The post racked up almost 3,000 comments, with many people horrified that the woman's partner would ask her to go through invasive surgery for the sake of not having their sex life "marginally impacted".

One wrote: "A C-section is major surgery. He's literally asking you to have major, invasive surgery with known health and safety complications because he's afraid not doing so might make the sex marginally less good."

While another said: "I'm happy that you've made this choice. He sounds like a gigantic loser and you're right that you deserve much better."

And a third posted: "I had an emergency C-section and ended up with complications that required re-hospitalisation for four additional days, away from my newborn. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Your boyfriend is a certified ignorant a**hole."