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This Sex Position Is Perfect For Women Who Love Dominating In Bed

This Sex Position Is Perfect For Women Who Love Dominating In Bed

According to Greek mythology, the Amazons were a group of fierce and powerful warrior women-and they apparently inspired a whole sex position, too. OK, that latter part might not actually be a fact, but there is an Amazon sex position-and it could be worth exploring if you're looking to exert some playful dominance in the bedroom.

What is the Amazon sex position?

The Amazon sex position combines techniques from the classic cowgirl position and the well-known missionary position, according to AASECT-certified sex therapist Shannon Chavez Qureshi, Psy.D. -but there's a twist! The Amazon position involves one partner lying on their back with their legs positioned similarly to a tabletop, bent and pulled to the chest with knees together, and the other partner squatting down to position their genitals on top of their partner's.

"The person on top can bounce up and down using their legs in a squatting position on top of a partner's body," Chavez Qureshi tells mbg. "It can work with any orientation and is more about the dominant position allowing one partner to control depth of penetration and variation in pleasure by adding a different type of stimulation for the partner on the bottom."

Chavez Qureshi also believes the position was inspired by the Amazon women but notes it can be enjoyed by any couple regardless of their genders. "It has more to do with how a partner wants to be in control and dominant during sex while promoting intimacy by having partners face each other and communicate verbally or through eye contact," she says.

Chavez Qureshi says one of the main benefits of the Amazon position is the way it allows more depth and variation in pleasure and sensation.

"The partner on top can use their legs to add more of a bounce than a grinding sensation and control the speed and depth of penetration or movement," she explains. "The partner in the bottom position does receive more intense stimulation as the partner on top can use pelvic muscles and leg strength to increase intensity."

The Amazon position allows the person on top to explore their more dominant side, according to Taylor Sparks, erotic educator and founder of Organic Loven.

"If you like to be in control, dominate, and be on top, this is the position for you," Sparks says. "The person on the bottom is in the submissive position even if they have the penis or are wearing the strap-on. Even the most dominant man or dildo wearer will enjoy this submissive position as the person on top does all of the work, and they enjoy all of the pleasure of being ridden in a new and exciting way."

3. Allows easy access to multiple pleasure points.

This position is particularly great for people with vaginas, says sex and relationship coach Azaria Menezes, because they also have access to their clitoris. "The person on the bottom or on the top could sneak in a little clitoris action because, of course, we can't forget about the clitoris."

According to Megwyn White, certified clinical sexologist and director of education at sexual wellness company Satisfyer, the Amazon position is a great way to build trust between partners. "The Amazon position can be thrilling and spice up your relationship with a partner. After performing a rather difficult position, it could create a greater level of trust between partners and sense of accomplishment," she says.

"This position offers the best of both worlds, giving the person on top a sense of control but also allowing for easy intimacy. Being able to look in each other's eyes, kiss and touch, all enhance this sexual position," says Antonia Hall, transpersonal psychologist, sex educator, and author of The Ultimate Guide to a Multi-Orgasmic Life.

Chavez Qureshi adds that the face-to-face nature of this position also promotes intimacy and connection by allowing partners to give and receive nonverbal feedback during the act.

How to do the Amazon position.

The Amazon position works nicely for all genders. The partner on the bottom can use a penis or a sex toy, while the partner on top can be penetrated vaginally or anally. And of course, there's also a way to incorporate solo-play time.

For couples with a vulva partner and penis partner, start by getting into a missionary position where both partners face each other. For vulva-to-penis couples, the vulva owner should be on top.

"Have the bottom partner bend their legs up to the chest or in a tabletop position while the vulva owner straddles their partner. The partner on top can use one hand to insert the penis while using their legs to bounce up and down on their partner while being penetrated," Chavez Qureshi explains. "The other hand can be used to stimulate the clitoris or to use a handheld device for extra clitoral stimulation."

If you and your partner both have penises, you can do the same position with anal penetration. If you both have vulvas, follow the same instructions as above but with the bottom partner using a strap-on with a dildo. "Also, the position can be done without a strap-on and instead use a vibrator or double-sided dildo for extra stimulation," Chavez Qureshi adds.

This position requires some balancing and some attention in your core, Menezes adds, but it's totally worth it. Carol Queen, Ph.D., sexologist with Good Vibrations, jokes she's fairly certain this is why headboards were actually invented: "For any kneeling or squatting person-on-top positions, having a (sturdy enough) headboard to grab can really help with stability and the ability to have some support during thrusting," she says.

Feet-Planted Amazon

"Instead of placing your knees beside your partner, if you're on top, you can actually plant your soles down next to them," Zachary Zane, sex columnist and sex expert for Promescent, tells mbg. "This is helpful for those who have knee problems. You'll definitely get more of a glute workout with this variation. You also get more leverage to go up, allowing for more thrusting during penetration."

Kneeling Amazon

If squatting isn't the most comfortable position for you, then try kneeling. "The person on top can kneel instead of squat, and this will put less pressure on the body of the partner below. This makes the position more closely resemble the cowgirl, but it will still be a different angle of penetration, etc., for both partners because of the legs-drawn-up part," Queen says.

The Amazon position may appear intimidating and even awkward, but with clear communication and a sense of humor, it could be totally worth it.

"Communication is key here and really just listening to your body," Menezes says. "Trying new positions is really about exploration and curiosity and remembering that if something doesn't feel good, you can always adjust or try something else. Sex gets to be a co-creation where the goal is pleasure and everything else is led by curiosity and communication."

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