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This Man Who Stole His Tinder Date's Car Is the Reason We're Still Single

This Man Who Stole His Tinder Date's Car Is the Reason We're Still Single

She swiped right. He swiped her car.

An Indonesian man was arrested on Monday in the suburbs of Jakarta after attempting to steal his Tinder date's car. To add insult to larceny, Andhika Prasetyo, the 39-year-old man in question here, didn't even plan to finish his date. He arrived at a mall with his date, an older woman, age 41, he met on the dating app, and then excused himself for a short smoke. Andhika then retrieved her car keys from the valet and drove away, shutting off his phone as he combined ghosting with Grand Theft Auto.

Now, maybe in the beginning, his date just thought she was ghosted by a man who wasn't really all that into her. But by the time she had left the mall and tried to get the keys to her car, it was clear that Andhika had done a lot more than end their date early.

He was caught a short time later at a mini-market in West Jakarta in his date's stolen Toyota SUV. When questioned by police, Andhika told them that he specifically sought out older women who, maybe, weren't feeling 100 percent satisfied with their love lives back home. He preferred older women because they had bigger bank accounts and nicer cars-specifically those who worked in the marketing industry.

"I usually date women who have neglectful husbands," he told Kompas.com. "There was one whose husband had a bad temper, or another whose husband was cheating. Those women need a friend to talk to."

So, you read that right. Andhika found older women who were in terrible relationships with shitty men, and then he showed them just how shitty a man can be.

And it turns out Andhika's most recent victim might not be the only one. Police think he was behind a one-man crime wave, stealing as many as four cars from unsuspecting dates in a cross-city crime spree.

Now, on the spectrum of shitty Tinder dates, this one is pretty bad. It's definitely worse than the serial dine-and-dash date who terrorized singles in the United States by inviting them out for a date at an expensive restaurant, only to dip out for a bathroom break and leave them with the bill. But we all know far more embarrassing things have happened on a date as well (remember the shit window story?).

I also can't help but wonder how much better off Andhika would've been if he just played the standard sugar momma long game here.

So what's to become of Andhika? Well, he faces four years behind bars.

And what did we learn from all of this? I guess that, in the world of hook-up app blind dates, there are worse things than a stolen heart... like a stolen car.