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Second woman sues Butte doctor, clinic alleging sexual assault

A second woman is alleging that a doctor at Southwest Montana Community Health Center in Butte sexually assaulted her during an exam then stalked her and invaded her privacy though sexually explicit text messages and other behavior.

The woman learned through a friend that another woman had recently filed a lawsuit making similar allegations against the physician, 66-year-old Jordan H. Greer, and felt empowered to do the same, her attorney, Lawrence Henke of Butte, said Tuesday.

The new lawsuit was filed Friday and like the previous one, it also alleges the health center was negligent for hiring Greer only a year after he surrendered his medical license in Alaska in 2017 due to criminal and disciplinary matters related to excessive alcohol use.

Greer has been served with both lawsuits but when contacted about the second one on Tuesday, he again declined to comment, saying he was still working on getting an attorney.

The health center said after the first lawsuit that Greer was no longer employed but under its policy, it could not comment on pending litigation. The Montana Standard reached out again Tuesday and was awaiting a response.

The Standard has elected not to identify the plaintiffs to protect their identity as potential victims of sexual assault. The lawsuits seek unspecified compensatory and punitive damages from Greer and the health center.

According to records from the Alaska State Medical Board, Greer's license was suspended in 2016 and then surrendered in February 2017. According to state records, he obtained a physician's license in Montana in October 2018 with an expiration date of March 2022.

The initial plaintiff accused Greer of stroking her body in a non-medical manner, touching her in areas not related to an exam and having an erection that he pressed against her. She claims he then bombarded her with sexually explicit text messages and photos and stalked her through private information in her medical records.

The second woman is married and says she suffers from a severe medical condition and the health center assigned her to Greer because the female physicians were not accepting new patients.

She says Greer treated her for more than a year, providing specific care for an organ issue but also giving her gynecological exams without referring her to a gynecologist.

According to the suit, during an exam this past May 17, Greer said he could "adjust" her sore back because he had chiropractic experience but said she "couldn't tell anyone" because he was not supposed to do such things.

He had her lie down then cradled her body, pressing her breasts against him, repositioned her and did the same thing, the lawsuit says. He then "strangely segued" into a colloquy of statements, saying he couldn't go more than a day without sex, was tired of certain sexual acts with "fat prostitutes in Butte," liked how she was and he preferred women with certain physical characteristics.

He then told her he was attracted to her, the lawsuit claims, and wanted to take her to a sapphire mine, "knowing she was a rock hound" from a history in her confidential medical records. He then entered her phone number from those records into his cell phone, the lawsuit says.

While Greer was on a stool and holding her chart, he said, "I guess I'll have to leave this on my lap all day and hide this," indicating he had an erection. She immediately left but by the time she got to her car, he had texted her with reference to his erection, the lawsuit says.

More texts followed and throughout all events, the lawsuit says, she felt trapped because she suffered from a life-threatening medical condition and felt if she reacted the wrong way, she could lose her doctor and critical medical care and die.

Because of that and because she thought it was an innocent invite, she agreed to go to Renova Hot Springs near Whitehall with Greer one day. When they got there, the suit says, he stripped down and stood naked before she pointed out that there was another person in the pool.

She ultimately left and was walking down the road when he came up behind her, grabbed her and pushed against her with an erection, the lawsuit says.

On June 20, she drove to where Greer lived in Butte so she could avoid the location in the future but he was standing on the balcony and waved her in. Feeling trapped, she went inside to supposedly watch a movie but he engaged in sexual conversation and again pushed against her when she tried to leave, the suit says.

"The fear of losing medical treatment caused her to continue to engage in this recognized risky behavior of trying to keep Greer from dropping her as a patient," the lawsuit says.

It says health center CEO Shawna Yates contacted the woman on June 16 to inquire about rumors "of her relationship with Greer," and she said there was no relationship. Yates contacted her again on June 18 and said "none of this is your fault," the suit says.

When the woman asked Yates why the center had hired a doctor whose license had been suspended, Yates said, "We believe in giving second chances," the lawsuit claims.

It alleges the center was negligent in hiring and supervising Greer and failed to protect confidential information, among other causes.

Henke said no other women have contacted him regarding Greer but she fears there are others out there.

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A woman is accusing a doctor at Southwest Montana Community Health Center in Butte of sexually assaulting her during an exam and sending her d...

Second woman sues Butte doctor, clinic alleging sexual assault