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6 Romantic Ways to Wake Someone Up In The Morning

Whether you've known your partner for a while or just a few months, finding ways to be romantic - like going on regular date nights or taking a spontaneous day trip - is the key to keeping the spark in your relationship alive. The options are endless, but one simple gesture you can try is to wake your partner up in a sweet way.6 Romantic Ways to Wake Someone Up In The Morning

"When the timing is right, a sweet, special wakeup will set your partner's day in a loving way," Laurel House, dating coach and eharmony's relationship expert, tells Bustle. "When you put a little extra time and effort into your partner, it shows that you care in an even deeper way. Plus, you'll be in their thoughts for the rest of their day, continuously putting a smile on their face."

Of course not everyone is a morning person. According to House, it's important to know your partner's preferences, schedule, and personality before planning a grand romantic gesture for the early AM hours. For instance, some people always wake up in the mood no matter the day, some people prefer to sleep late on weekends, and others get up already thinking about their never-ending to-do list. No matter how sweet you intend to be, your thoughtful plan may put your partner off instead, House says. You don't want to wind up starting a fight - especially before anyone's had their coffee - so be observant and choose your moments wisely.

If you've just started dating and you're unsure about what your partner would like, talk about it. "It may not sound romantic to have a preemptive conversation about how they would like to be woken up, but it's best to prepare by communicating," House says. "If you have clarity, you'll be more confident about how and when to wake up your sweetie."6 Romantic Ways to Wake Someone Up In The Morning

If you want to help your partner wake up the right way, try doing any of these sweet romantic gestures.

Sure, initiating morning sex right off the bat can be a lot of fun. But if you want to wake your partner up in a sweet or thoughtful way, get a little creative. House suggests starting with a foot massage and then slowly working your way up. "Make it a real spa-quality massage," she says. "Take your time, use lavender oils, and don't have a plan to turn it into a sexy massage - unless they show that sex is where they want it to go."

Laurel HouseDr. Wyatt FisherRori Sassoon, professional dating and relationship coach , a licensed psychologist who specializes in marriage counseling , dating coach and eharmony's relationship expert

Spicing up your relationship with sweet surprises here and there can benefit your relationship tremendously. "A little thought and sincerity will show your partner how much you care, while keeping them on their toes," Rori Sassoon, professional dating and relationship coach, tells Bustle. If you want to make their morning extra sweet, treat them to breakfast in bed and go all out. Pancakes, waffles, bacon, scrambled eggs - whatever they want. If you're the type of person who tends to burn toast, you can always get Postmates delivered from their favorite breakfast spot.